Nov 11 » 2010

Well, it’s official, PE has just been qualified as an official Google Apps Enterprise reseller… we are pros I guess. Feel free to ask us how Google Apps might help your company communications.

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Sep 01 » 2010

We would like to welcome Barry Menard with open arms the PE full time team. Barry has been a steady contractor with us for about 5 years and has always been a stellar front-end developer. It only took us 3 years of badgering to get him to come to the darkside that is PE!

Jun 18 » 2010

How do you make a PE and Architecture Firm sandwich? Give us the opportunity to build new sites for 2 large architecture firms, PGAL and ODELL, in the same month! Look for the sites to launch at the end of July.

Feb 05 » 2010

Wow social media use is up 38% since 2005!

Jan 11 » 2010

Through hell or high water… another successful site launch for Regis Corporation. Check it out here:

Dec 31 » 2009

Well, once again, PE has pulled through unreasonable January 1st deadlines for Lockheed Martin, Regis, First Data, University of Miami and the NYC Clubs… all thanks to a die hard staff. Couldn’t do it without our crew. Happy 2010!

Dec 03 » 2009

The power of graphic arts when applied to insulting,

Oct 23 » 2009

Teamwork and Remote Working: Turning “Them” Into “Us”. Did you know that PE can build social networks?

Oct 21 » 2009

Its a busy time in the shop, we are starting FIVE new projects! Check out what we listen to while we work

Oct 16 » 2009
hopefully this works.

hopefully this works.

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